Understanding Site Replication
Site replication is becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool among internet entrepreneurs. Website replication can save a great deal of time and money while also providing a number of other benefits, but a basic understanding of how self replicating websites work will make your efforts much more effective.
Is Website Replication?
The practice of replicating, or duplicating, a website has been used since the early days of the Internet for a number of different applications. A replicating website is essentially a template that can be used over and over again to easily create an endless collection of similar, but completely unique, websites. The hard part of website creation, such as the code that controls the layout and appearance of the site, is automatically copied to the appropriate directory so it can be personalized to suit the needs of the user.
How Does it Work?
There are many reasons websites are duplicated. Replication is frequently used in research and educational fields to copy databases to individual users. Mirror sites for file downloads are also a form of website replication. Self replicating websites, however, are a bit different. Rather than manually creating and copying the website framework, a self replicating system will automatically duplicate the selected files to the specified destination.  A collection of professionally designed websites and landing pages are usually available to simplify the entire process.
Who Uses Self Replicating Websites?
In the world of internet marketing, site replication is the logical way to maximize profits. It is most frequently used by direct sales companies and multilevel marketing (MLM) firms as a simple way to provide their distributors with their own unique websites, but still maintain a uniform online presence and promote their company brand. A number of traditionally offline sales companies are also taking advantage of the marketing potential the Internet has to offer and are providing their distributors with replicated sites as well.
What Are the Benefits?
Aside from being the most cost effective way to create multiple websites, a replication system is a versatile tool that can maximize the profit potential of your business without requiring hours of effort. Companies can quickly expand their marketing impact by recreating the landing pages and web presentations that have generated conversions in the past while still providing their distributors with enough flexibility to incorporate their own sales approach. Business owners have control over how their brand is presented, but distributors still have the freedom to personalize their site to best suit their marketing tactics.