Site Replication Allows Distributors to Grow their Customer Base and Expand their Business

Since the entire purpose of MLM marketing is to sell products and build a network of distributors who are all working toward a common goal, finding tools that are consistent and improve productivity is very important. Site replication is one way in which MLM distributors can easily expand their businesses and lure in new customers.

Understanding Replication

Since many MLM businesses operate primarily online, websites play a crucial role in their success. They serve two functions: providing an outlet to sell products and services and enticing others to become distributors. Both of these are very important to the overall growth of the network and business. Site replication allows the network lead to provide a website to the distributors within their network that is ready for personalization. While the amount of personalization that is available to these distributors is limited, there are plenty of benefits associated with replicating websites instead of leaving this to the distributors themselves.


In order to entice consumers to make purchases or become distributors, it is important that the experiences they enjoy with the MLM network are pleasant and professional. Site replication allows for complete uniformity across the entire company, ensuring that each consumer who has an interaction with the company has the same experience. For the most part, these websites are exact duplicates of one another. The only real difference is that the individual distributors can personalize the sites with their contact information for follow-ups, questions and concerns. This way, should a visitor choose to take advantage of a distributorship opportunity, they can easily contact the owner of the site.

Support and Confidence

Without the proper level of confidence and lots of support, new distributors are unlikely to enjoy much success. Getting started in an MLM network requires plenty of motivation, and there is no better way to do this than to supply each new distributor with a ready-made website that needs absolutely no remodeling. When the new distributor sees their name and contact information thanks to the site replication, they will instantly be filled with a sense of purpose and confidence. This will allow them to expand their customer base and businesses simply and easily. All they will need is some help with marketing tactics, and they will be on their way to sales and distributorships of their own.


Many new distributors may feel overwhelmed by the idea of responding to every lead who visits their websites, and this is where autoresponders come into play. This feature works hand-in-hand with landing pages to send welcome letters and newsletters to those leads who choose to enter their information into the fields. By providing a way for distributors to automatically respond to their leads without a huge time investment, this reduces some of the stress that they are likely to feel.

By using site replication, it is much easier to grow a customer base and an MLM business. These sites are time and money saving, and they can certainly help new and experienced distributors feel more confident in their abilities.